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Would they wear it in Wigan !

I was thinking about Wedding Dresses. We all want to dazzle in our white gowns , its most girls dream to stun guests with the best dress ever ! But is a white dress just a white dress in the end. No one will remember exactly how your gown looked, does it matter what they think ! BUT if I was entering into a partnership now I think I might dare to be different. Last year I went to the Dior retrospective at the V&A and saw some beautiful clothes. I am not the most fashionable person but I love fashion. I love the outrageous, the stylish and the downright flamboyancy of some designers and the people who dare to wear their creations so I think if I were to Jump the Broom now I might pitch up in one of these stunners. Obviously one it had been adjusted to fit my curvaceous frame Lol xxx

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