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The Joy of Celebrating our Children

On Sunday I went to some dear friends baptism of their son. It was such a joyous occasion. So full of love and laughter. Dare I say in the 'Olden days' everyone got together to celebrate children. These days people might not be religious so they don't do baptisms but I think it is such a nice idea to welcome a baby, child or adoptee to their community with some kind of ceremony. I will always feel an attachment to the two lovely boys of my friends. I attended their wedding and both boys baptism. That is special to me.

Naming ceremonies are a lovely way to welcome children into the world. Instead of god-parents you have supporting parents. They make promises to the child, you can include poetry or readings and the whole family can be included. Children can make promises to their siblings. Parents can make promises to their children.

We live in a society that no longer values these occasions, but they are beautiful.

At my friends baptism I met the same people who were at their wedding and baptisms. I truly felt joy. Lets celebrate our children they are so important and events such as these are something they can look back at and say " I am Loved".

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